All About Mike | LA

All About Mike | LA

7 Episodes

All About Mike Season 2 showcases the life of Author, Producer, Host, and Radio/Podcaster Mike G. Riggins along with his industry friends. The series will give you a glimpse into his life while working as an entrepreneur, working a corporate career, and his romantic relationship as he makes the move from Atlanta to LA to level up.

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All About Mike | LA
  • All About Mike | LA | S2E1

    Episode 1

    Episode 1: Welcome to LA
    Mike finally moves to LA and gets straight to work with interviewing some fresh new faces and producers in the LGBTQ reality web world. He meets up with Willie to help with finding a Christmas gift for his boyfriend and feels Willie in on the Hot Boys of Hollywood drama.

  • All About Mike | La | S2E2

    Episode 2

    Episode 2: Fitness and a Break
    Mike decides that he needs to start taking his health seriously and calls his friend Rich Bomb to help introduce him to the gym again then later meets up with T. Wat at a local park to catch up on life.

  • All About Mike | LA | S2E3

    Episode 3

    Episode 3: Gifting Mike
    Mike meets up with T. Wat to discuss a few things when T. Wat hints that he has something for him but doesn’t want to disclose what that something maybe having Mike wondering if T. Wat is about to jump ship and end the business partnership between them two.

  • All About Mike | LA | S2E4

    Episode 4

    Episode 4: A Whole lot of Meetings
    Mike meets up with friend Javonte Rose to discuss and ask him to be one of the main faces in his new T-Shirt line commercial called Trust No Hoe then later meet up with Rich Bomb for a round two workout and a discussion on the Trust No Hoe/ He a Hoe Commercial.

  • All About Mike | LA | S2E5

    Episode 5

    Episode 5: Inspired by the Stars
    Mike and T. Wat take a stroll down the Hollywood fame of stars and go over a new idea for a revamp of Mike’s show All About Mike the interviews. Mike also pays Rich Bomb a visit for one last run-through for the Trust No Hoe Commercial and Mike brings up wanting to...

  • All About Mike | LA | S2E6

    Episode 6

    Episode 6: He a Hoe/Trust no Hoe
    The day has finally come for Mike to shoot his commercial for his T-Shirt Line Trust No Hoe directed and filmed by T. Wat when Rich Bomb seems a bit shocked as to who his costar will be.

  • AllAbout Mike | LA | S2E7

    Episode 7

    Episode 7: A Call to Daddy
    In the season finale, Mike has made the decision to reach out to his dad after months of not speaking only to be left feeling like that twelve-year-old fatherless child again.