Braden | Produced by LeviNLA Films

Braden | Produced by LeviNLA Films

4 Episodes

Series synopsis: Braden has moved away from his family in Compton. Now out on his own with two new roommates, Braden is living his best life working as a male dancer and sleeping with any and every girl he comes in contact with. Which sometimes isn't always the best idea!

Braden | Produced by LeviNLA Films
  • Braden | Episode 1 | Nice For What?

    Episode 1

    Braden gets caught with his pants down, Kajun and Oliver are concerned if they will have rent on time. Later Braden meets his new roommate Oliver who isn't too happy with his appearance or career choice!

  • Braden | Episode 2 | God's Plan

    Episode 2

    Oliver complains to Kajun about Braden banging a Cop and how it could affect his career of being an attorney. Braden offers a sexy girl at his job celebrating her birthday, a candle.

  • Braden | Episode 3 | In My Feelings

    Episode 3

    Braden falls for a girl at his job who has a boyfriend. Later Braden meets an older lady in the parking lot with a flat tire who wants to use Braden's jack.

  • Braden | Episode 4 | I'm Upset!

    Episode 4

    Braden pays Oliver to keep a little secret from Kajun. Oliver buys Cupcake a more expensive engagement ring. Kajun puts two and two together between Braden and ...