Faith Hope + Love

Faith Hope + Love

8 Episodes

Three sisters, Faith, Hope and Love, are all dealing with love and relationship
problems while trying to live a normal life in modern Atlanta. Faith is dealing with a
questionable marriage. Hope has to deal with a questionable boyfriend. And Love is
dealing with a questionable identity. No problem too hard to solve though with the
help of each other and a little faith, hope and love.

Faith Hope + Love
  • Faith Hope + Love | Episode 1 | Hope

    The Story:
    Meet Hope, the middle sister of the trio. Hope is a medical assistant who has been dating Shareef for the past two years. Though their relationship has been rocky at times, facing financial hardships and unsought recommendations and advice of some friends and family members, Hope stick...

  • Faith Hope + Love | Episode 2 | Faith

    The Story:
    Meet Faith, the eldest sister of the trio. Faith is a successful hair salon owner married to the commercial airline pilot, Dante. Faith is outspoken and strong but her only true weakness seems to be her husband. After Dante comes back from a long flight run, Faith starts to feel lonely...

  • Faith Hope + Love | Episode 3 | Faith

    Episode 3

    The Story:
    Meet Love, the youngest sister of the trio. Love is recently out of college and just started a new job at a modern marketing firm. Love has no romantic interest at the moment although she does have someone interested in her, Donnell, her coworker. Consistently being pestered by other ...

  • Faith Hope + Love | Episode 4 | Baby

    Faith confides in husband Dante and tells him she’s ready for the next step. Love gets officially asked on a date from Donnell. Faith and Dante invite Hope and Shareef over for dinner and some suspicions arouse. And Hope gets a surprise that could change her life.

  • Faith Hope + Love | Episode 5 | Decisions

    Episode 9

    The Story:
    Hope goes to Faith’s house to ask for a very important loan. Love goes on a date with Donnell. Faith and Dante have a therapy session. Hope has to make a very hard decision about Shareef and where their relationship is going.

  • Faith Hope + Love | Episode 6 | Guidance

    Episode 6

    The Story:
    Love recaps Hannah on her date with Donnell. Love gets a phone call from an old high school sweetheart and they meet for a coffee date to talk about old times and new revelations. Hope almost makes another decision that could change her life forever. Faith gets a phone call from a myst...

  • Faith Hope + Love | Episode 7 | Calls

    Episode 7

    Love finally finds a new apartment and Hope confines in Love. Shareef has a run-in with the law. And Hope has to ask Faith once again for a loan. Love agrees to a girls’ night out with Clarice. Love and Clarice have a walk around town ending with an intimate moment . Faith gets a phone ca...

  • Faith Hope + Love | Episode 8 | Truths

    Episode 8

    The Story:
    Faith meets the mysterious woman from the phone, Lisa. Love and Clarice discuss their intimate moment. Faith finds out that Lisa had past dealings with Dante and a lot more secrets than he revealed. Hope helps Love move into her new apartment. She decides to move in with her but it cau...