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  • Opposites | A Opposites Carol


    The Story:
    Kelsey‘s bad attitude during the holiday season gets her a visit from three-holiday spirits. Join us on a magical Christmas Journey with the Opposites cast to remind us of the joy of the holidays. As French Royalty presents a rendition of the classic Charles Dickens 1843.

  • Frenergy
    2 seasons


    2 seasons

    The Story:
    Frenergy is a series about three friends, who go through some crazy moments living in ATL. Last season, Corey went through a lot, the loss of his mother and finding out some issues with his personal life. Prince had a relationship drama and he lost his job. Nick found a new man and ...

  • Artist Spotlight | Phylle | Vocal Performance

    LARRY “PHYLLE” CARTER II is speaking to a generation. His platform is R&B and the message is simple: love and equality for all people. Hailing from Norfolk, VA by way of Philadelphia, PA (his namesake), Phylle has traveled a path that has taken him from screen to stage and back again, catapultin...

  • Zodiac Wars (the game show)

    1 season

    Zodiac Wars (the game show), is a game show that puts zodiac signs head to head in knowledge and endurance-based competition. In the end, we want to see what sign will be standing as the winner so they can take the crown as king or queen of the signs. They will be tested in music, entertainment...