LGBTQ Related Films & Comedy

  • The Mister (Web Series)

    1 season

    The Mister (WS), is a new web series that revolves around Hayden, and his relationship with a married man named Malcolm. Each episode allows you to see the humor and drama surrounding Hayden and his colorful friends. Will love keep Hayden in this crazy relationship, or will his friends get him ...

  • Victor and Wes | Gay Couples Therapy

    1 season

    Victor and Wes lay it all out on the line, and they discuss and answer questions from the viewers. Leave questions below for them to answer, try to relate as they completely open up. Are gay couples different than straight couples? Leave comments below.

  • The 2nd Annual Brother's Cruise

    1 season

    Yoboinewnue and friends embark on journey called the Brother's Cruise.

  • Black & Gay | Series

    1 season

    Black & Gay is a new "docu" series that explores the lives of real men, who are black and gay. As men of color it can be hard living in the world they live in. Through watching this collection of interviews, you will be able to see things from a different perspective. What is it like being "Bl...

  • Nice to Meet You || A Collection of Interviews

    1 season

    Nice to Meet You, will be a collection of uncensored interviews with some interesting personalities. It isn't easy being gay or on camera, but what gives these people the balls to say f it and let it all hang out. Updated the 1st and 15th of the month.

  • b.Men in Hot Lauderdale | Uncensored

    There are moments in this video that are not viewable on Youtube. This is not a sex video, this video contains moments of enjoyment with the guys that could not be viewed on youtube.

    B.Men in Hot Lauderdale is an event that was thrown in Fort Lauderdale for my birthday. It was a sold out eve...