Nico Live | LeviNLA Films

Nico Live | LeviNLA Films

2 Episodes

Nico Live

Synopsis: Moving from Oklahoma to Los Angeles California, young Nico has
naïve ideas and expectations of what it will be like living in a big city. Back home
never prepared him for this!

Nico Live | LeviNLA Films
  • Nico Live Ep-1 | LeviNLA Films

    Episode 1

    EP 1 / Welcome To LA

    During Nico's first 24 hours in Los Angeles, he manages to find a place to stay, new friends, and experiences.

  • Nico Live | Ep-2 | LeviNLA Films

    Episode 2

    EP 2 / My First Agent

    Nico meets a guy at a clinic who claims to be an agent and can help him book acting jobs.