2 Seasons

The Story:
Follows a crew of unusual friends through their personal and professional lives. A culture clash and a slew of ridiculous situations take the crew through life's trials and tribulations. As enemies become friends and friends become family they realize that though they’re Opposites they’re not that different.

  • Opposites Episode 1 | A Friend A-Rival

    Episode 1

    The Story: (A Friend A-Rival)
    What happens when you get two college roommates and a childhood rival all under one roof? Josh's childhood rival Marcus comes to town after reaching out to his dear friend Khris about a living situation. Josh isn't too happy about how things are turning out. Now it...

  • Opposites Episode 2 | No Crying Over Shared Ice-cream

    Episode 2

    The Story: (No Crying Over Shared Ice-cream)

    Find out what happens when Marcus is tired of being sick and tired,
    Josh has no fashion sense none what so ever and Chris is all fed up with working at the clinic.

  • Opposites Episode 3 | A Rock And A Hard Head

    Episode 3

    So Josh and Marcus paid the price for eating Khris
    ice-cream, Marcus and Khris find mutual ground on a possible love interest
    and Josh finds out that they’re not so opposite!!

  • Opposites Episode 4 | Big Little Sister

    Episode 0

    What happens when Josh can't get his clothes together,
    and Khris and Marcus can't help him out on this one? Josh gets a pop up of a lifetime when his little sister Kelsey stops by.

  • Opposites Episode 5 | My Brother's Keeper

    Episode 5

    Things are about to get even juicer when Khris has a visitor coming to see him and needs help. Marcus is trying his best to stay afloat on his new journey... and Josh becomes the voice of reason. Y’all don’t wanna miss out on this episode... it’s truly a sight to see.

  • Opposites Episode 6 | Surprise Birthday

    Episode 6

    The Story: Surprise Birthday
    Khris is upset after assuming everyone forgot about his birthday, not knowing that Josh has planned an elaborate surprise party. This is a birthday celebration you don’t wanna miss.

  • Opposites Episode 7 | The Wing Man

    Episode 7

    The Story:
    With Khris always so busy with work he hasn’t had time the proper time to settle down after his surprise party... Meanwhile, Josh is really trying to find ways to better his positions as a teacher... While Marcus is really coming into his senses on some passion fruit... to go have fun ...

  • Opposites Episode 8 - Game-Night

    Episode 8

    The Story:
    Josh wins sweepstakes that affect the whole apartment. Now things are finally looking up. But an unexpected visitor has Khris upset and may just send Marquise off the deep in. So Josh convinces everyone to have a game night to lighten the load.

  • Opposites Episode 9 - A Troubled Home

    Episode 9

    The Story:
    With so much going on…. Khris is finally packing and ready to start a new adventure… but life seems to keep him close.
    Meanwhile, Marcus is thinking about taking a deal that could change his life while Josh is still trying to find his way into Ambers's arms lol.
    New things are takin...

  • Opposites Episode 10 | The Makeover

    Episode 10

    The Story:
    Josh meets a new girl… will it be new love for him…. Who knows
    While Kelsey finally gives Mr. Stepton a piece of her mind, while having some alone time with Amber…. “Juicy right”
    Josh has fallen apart and is in need of a pick me up…. it's up to his two trusty friends Marcus and Khris...

  • Opposites Episode 11 | What Matters To You - part 1

    Episode 11

    The Story:
    Some people say…. is it worth risking it all to lose those you love by chasing something so unfamiliar.
    How far is enough Josh? when you go the extra mile for a woman but not for your friends!! Khris is saying his final goodbyes and he's understanding that his dreams have to be met, M...

  • Opposites Episode 12 | What Matters To You Part 2

    Episode 12

    The Story:
    The truth shall set you free..Marcus's family now knows his lies. Marcus has no choice but to come clean to his rambunctious family,
    Will josh be able to get himself out of the mess he finds himself in?
    Khris's goodbye dinner ruined, life doesn't wait for anyone.
    Will the trio figur...