3 Episodes

The Story:
Follows a monthly crew of unusual friends through their personal and professional lives. Culture clash and a slew of ridiculous situations take the crew through life's trials and tribulations. As enemies become friends and friends become family they realize that though they’re Opposites they’re not that different.

  • Opposites Episode 1 | A Friend A-Rival

    Episode 1

    The Story: (A Friend A-Rival)
    What happens when you get two college roommates and a childhood rival all under one roof? Josh's childhood rival Marcus comes to town after reaching out to his dear friend Khris about a living situation. Josh isn't too happy about how things are turning out. Now it...

  • Opposites Episode 2 | No Crying Over Shared Ice-cream

    Episode 2

    The Story: (No Crying Over Shared Ice-cream)

    Find out what happens when Marcus is tired of being sick and tired,
    Josh has no fashion sense none what so ever and Chris is all fed up with working at the clinic.

  • Opposites EP 3 | A Rock And A Hard Head

    Episode 3

    So Josh and Marcus paid the price for eating Khris
    ice-cream, Marcus and Khris find mutual ground on a possible love interest
    and Josh finds out that they’re not so opposite!!