The Chances We Take | A Ryan Marcus Series

The Chances We Take | A Ryan Marcus Series

2 Seasons


Not all love stories are happy. Not all love stories are easy. Not all love stories are quick. But you’ll never
know where love lies without taking that chance. “The Chances We Take,” tells the story of Bryant and
Will; how they meet, their relationship, and where the future may lie. Bryant is the regular
guy who’s confident about his sexuality and won’t allow anyone to degrade or disrespect him about
it. Will is a typical straight guy who’s still coming into his sexuality and figuring things out. What chances
will they take for each other? For acceptance? For Respect? And for Love?

The Chances We Take | A Ryan Marcus Series
  • The Chances We Take | Episode 1 | Excuse Me

    Episode 1

    Episode One - “Excuse Me”

    After a dinner date with friends, Bryant and Will get into a heated argument after Will receives a questionable text from a mysterious person. As they navigate through this altercation, we also see a flashback
    to the night they first met.

  • The Chances We Take | Episode 2 | Excuse Me

    Episode 2

    Episode Two - ”First Chances”

    Will and Bryant have an intimate discussion about their relationship and trust as we flashback to their
    very first date.

  • The Chances We Take | Episode 3 | Excuse Me

    Episode 3

    Episode Three - “Never”

    As we stay in the past, Bryant can’t hide his newfound infatuation for Will from his roommate Leon. Will and Bryant relationship is getting stronger as they go on more dates and we follow them on a very
    intimate date night.

  • The Chances We Take | Episode 4 | “Hoops/Bad Calls”

    Episode 4

    Episode Four - “Hoops/Bad Calls”

    Will meets up with the mystery man from the text message and we learn the true dealings of their involvement. Flashback back to the past, Will’s true colors come out when Bryant and Leon surprise him at the basketball court with his brother Tonio. Will disrespe...

  • The Chances We Take | Episode 5 | “Hits and Misses”

    Episode 5

    Episode Five - “Hits and Misses”

    Still in the past, after the incident at the basketball court, Bryant isn’t feeling it anymore and has an insightful conversation with his cousin Denise about what he should do. Will, on the other hand, gets into a heated argument with his brother Tonio about the...

  • The Chances We Take | Episode 6 | “Second Chances” | Season Finale

    Episode 6

    Episode Six Finale - “Second Chances”

    After a week apart from each other, Will surprises Bryant with a visit to his job to ask forgiveness. Will Bryant forgive him so easily? What is the next step in their relationship?