The Mister Season 1 (#1 Show on Watchactv)

The Mister Season 1 (#1 Show on Watchactv)

The Story:
The Mister (WS), is a new web series that revolves around Hayden, and his relationship with a married man named Malcolm. Each episode allows you to see the humor and drama surrounding Hayden and his colorful friends. Will love keep Hayden in this crazy relationship, or will his friends get him out of it?

The Mister Season 1 (#1 Show on Watchactv)
  • Episode 1 | The Mister WS "Good Dick & Conversation"

    The Mister "Good Dick & Conversation" | Episode 1

    Hayden is an author who has been falling for Malcolm over the last 3 months of them dating. His long time friends haven't met Malcolm, but that all changes when Jussie steps in. What happens next is interesting. Be sure to leave comments and...

  • Episode 2 | The Mister WS "Broken Silence"

    The Mister WS "Broken Silence" | Episode 2

    The cat is out of the bag, but Hayden doesn't seem that worried. Why not? Jussie is not having it at all, he does not trust Malcolm. Ryan and Avery connect on another level, as across town things are pretty sad.


  • Episode 3 | The Mister WS "Like Family"

    The Mister WS "Like Family" | Episode 3

    In episode 3, Malcolm is confronted by Ron his husband. It's a complicated situation, but will it get resolved. Ryan remembers the incident from 6 years ago, that changed his life forever. Make sure you leave comments below, and share this video on so...

  • Episode 4 | The Mister WS "Polygamy"

    The Mister WS "Polygamy" | Episode 4

    In this episode, Ryan has visited Cam's grave with Hayden and Avery, Hayden thinks about Malcolm remembering moments between them, Jussie and Avery have a romantic encounter, and Malcolm stands up to Ron.

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  • The Mister Episode 5 | Updated

    The Mister was selected to be in the semi-finals of America's Rainbow Film Festival in NYC. This updated edit was for the film festival. Please and share like and leave comments.

  • Episode 6 | The Mister WS "The HouseGuest"

    Episode 6 | The Mister WS "The HouseGuest"

    In episode 6, Malcolm is served by Ron, Ryan gets a new friend to talk to, Hayden revisits the past or is the past revisiting Hayden.

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  • Episode 7 | The Mister WS "Hi Daddy" EXTENDED VERSION

    Episode 7 | The Mister WS "Hi Daddy"

    In Episode 7 we are introduced to new characters. A potential love interest for Ryan, and the awesome and delectable Kareem. Time has passed since we last saw Malcom and Hayden together, are they ever going to reconcile?

  • Episode 8 | The Mister WS "Thot"

    Episode 8 | The Mister WS "Thot"

    In episode 8, we meet Mama Nikki, Hayden's mom. We are introduced to Jussie's father James, and Jussie decides to play the role of the jerk. Be sure to watch this latest episode and share it on social media.

  • Episode 9 | The Mister WS "Malcolm & Hayden"

    Episode 9 | The Mister WS "Malcolm & Hayden"

    Malcolm couldn't handle David being around so he decided to remove himself. Avery is holding a secret from Jussie, and Hayden lets Malcolm no that he isn't going anywhere.

  • Episode 10 | The Mister WS "Baby Daddy & Flip Flop" Season Finale

    Episode 10 | The Mister WS "Baby Daddy & Flip Flop" Season Finale

    The Season Finale, sees Hayden and Jussie finally having a much needed conversation, Malcolm gets his wish, and Jussie is met with the truth in the form of Ace. Family make ups and friend break ups, what will become of the guys...