Tiffany and Jones | The Series

Tiffany and Jones | The Series

2 Seasons

In the pursuit of love of a man and understanding from her father, Tiffany is up against incredible odds. Starring Adrien Cannon as Tiffany, this series will have you relating to the drama that follows any relationship.

Tiffany and Jones | The Series
  • "Tiffany and Jones" Episode 1 "He Said She Said".

    Episode 1

    "Tiffany and Jones" Episode 1 "He said She Said. Jones, played by Markeith Madison, is finally at a place where he is not that depressed over the death of his mother. Toni, played by Arlando Usher, gives Jones some advice about life and Tiffany. Tiffany and Melissa, played by Adrien Cannon and...

  • Tiffany and Jones | Episode 2 | "The Kiss" Updated

    Episode 2

    "Tiffany and Jones" Episode 2 "The Kiss". Malon, played by Larry Carter, clears the air with a kiss. Tiffany, played by Adrien Cannon, gives Malon a piece of her mind. Jerry, played by Adrian King, realizes that his life needs to change and fast.

  • Tiffany and Jones Episode 3 "The Showdown"

    Episode 3

    Tiffany and Jones Episode 3 "The Showdown". Jones is told by Tiffany what Malon did to her, and he decides to pay Malon a visit. Candy finds out that Jerry likes men, and Melissa calls the girls over for a chat. This episode is intense, and as things unravel it becomes clear that the drama wil...

  • Tiffany and Jones Episode 4 "The Secret"

    Episode 4

    Tiffany and Jones Episode 4 "The Secret". Tiffany finally gets into it with Candy. Melissa tries to keep the girls in check, but Candy has some information about Jones that will have Tiffany lose her mind. Jones confides in Wes for some guidance, or at least some support.

  • Tiffany and Jones Episode 5 "Your Mother"

    Episode 5

    Tiffany and Jones Episode 5 "Your Mother". Episode 5 brings Jones and Tiffany to a head, and things gets intense between them when they decide to forget that they are friends. Melissa wants Tiffany to give her and Jones another chance. Jones links up with Jerry. What will happen?

  • Tiffany and Jones The Season 1 Finale

    Episode 6

    "Tiffany and Jones" The Season Finale. What will happen with Jones? Will he speak with Tiffany? Christopher Lennox comes into the scene ready to seek revenge on Jerry. Candy puts Jones in danger, and things get crazy. Make sure you leave comments below and let us know what you think.

  • Tiffany and Jones | Blooper Video 1

    Episode 7

    "Tiffany and Jones" is a short film written by W. Wesley Henderson and directed by Toni Bernard. A story that showcases the lives of two, young individuals who see each other, but are blind to what the heart envisions. Starring Markieth Madison and Adrien Cannon. Definitely check out this cute...

  • The ACU Watch List

    Episode 8

    This video explains how to watch The ACU, and what order to watch the shows. Watch the #ACU now.