Tiffany and Jones | The Series

Tiffany and Jones | The Series

2 Seasons

In the pursuit of love of a man and understanding from her father, Tiffany is up against incredible odds. Starring Adrien Cannon as Tiffany, this series will have you relating to the drama that follows any relationship.

Tiffany and Jones | The Series
  • Tiffany and Jones S2 | "Baby Girl" | Episode 1

    Episode 1

    Episode 1 "Baby Girl", sees Tiffany looking Jones, catching up with Jerry and looking at Melissa in a different light. Will things work out the way Tiffany intends it to? Be sure to keep up with Season 2, and leave comments below.

  • Tiffany and Jones S2 | Where is Jones? | Episode 2

    Episode 2

    Episode 2 "Where is Jones" finds Tiffany going through a sea of emotions regarding Jones. Where is he, and what is going on? Tiffany and Melissa have a talk about everything that went down, Marvin gets close with Tiffany, and Jerry has some secret dealings going on with the "City Mercenaries. ...

  • Tiffany and Jones S2 | "Mr. Henderson Sir" | Episode 3

    Episode 3

    In Episode 3 of Tiffany and Jones Season 2, Tiffany tries to reach out to Jerry for help with Jones, and Marvin ends up trying to give her some advice about her problems. Tiffany is not seeking any help from him and she gets emotional. Will she find Jones? Leave comments below.

  • Tiffany and Jones S2 | "Hollywood Love" | Episode 4

    Episode 4

    In episode 4 "Hollywood Love", we see what Tiffany will go through to find out what Jones is up to, we see what Jerry will go through to seek revenge and to protect his daughter Tiffany from the truth. How will things end up after Die tells Jerry that Tiffany needs to be stopped. Leave comments...

  • Tiffany and Jones S2 | "The Other Woman" | Episode 5

    Episode 5

    In episode 5 Tiffany and Melissa meet up with Jason to finally get some answers to the whole Jones mystery. Will Tiffany finally leave Jones alone, or is Jason really up to no good. Check out the latest episode and make sure you leave comments under the video. Also watch us on the mobile app. ...

  • Tiffany and Jones S2 | "Season Finale" | Episode 6

    Episode 6

    The season finale comes with twists and turns, as Tiffany meets up with Kareesha and learns the truth about everything. Se learns about her father and her mother. What will she do when love is questioned before death? Will she continue the search for Jones?

  • Tiffany and Jones Season 2 | Official Trailer

    Episode 7