Artist Spotlight | Interviews

Artist Spotlight | Interviews

6 Episodes

Artist Spotlight is a way to discover new local independent talent. THIS IS A COLLECTION of interviews and in-studio performances. Please follow all of the artists and support them.

Artist Spotlight | Interviews
  • Ghosted - Chris June | Artist Spotlight

    Ghosted available on all streaming platforms
    Apple Music

  • Artist Spotlight | Tevin Labrice | Vocal Performance

    Episode 5

    Tevin Labrice, is here to bless us with a vocal performance on Artist Spotlight. Be sure to check out his interview as well. Follow his journey in music on Instagram @tevclassic_

  • Artist Spotlight | Phylle | Vocal Performance

    Episode 6

    LARRY “PHYLLE” CARTER II is speaking to a generation. His platform is R&B and the message is simple: love and equality for all people. Hailing from Norfolk, VA by way of Philadelphia, PA (his namesake), Phylle has traveled a path that has taken him from screen to stage and back again, catapultin...

  • Kerry D - DBLMNT x MNSTR [With You]

    Listen to D.N.A EP by Kerry D (

  • Kerry D - Crossroads

    Listen to D.N.A EP by Kerry D (

  • HOLIDAY - DeAndre Lemans (Official Music Video)

    HOLIDAY - DeAndre Lemans (Official Music Video)

    While distracting his lover with a seemingly innocent day out of the house, and an intimate and romantic stroll through the park, DeAndre is secretly making plans right under his nose. Plans that once revealed will ultimately surprise, shock, and ...