Indie Film Submissions

Indie Film Submissions

The shared content is a section that highlights other creators outside of the network. These creators submit their work to be streamed on Show these creators some love. Leave comments, like, and share.

Indie Film Submissions
  • All About Mike | ATL

    1 season

    Michael G. Riggins tackles living in ATL, trying to release his new book Pages Out My Journal, and going through relationship issues all with trying to decide whether or not to move to California with his boyfriend in a few weeks.

  • Fukc, Marry, Kill

    1 season

    The anticipated limited series, Fukc, Marry Kill.

  • Finding Chi


    An undefeated fighter goes for his 50th win but, runs into some unexpected physical and emotional challenges.

  • Opposites | A Opposites Carol


    The Story:
    Kelsey‘s bad attitude during the holiday season gets her a visit from three-holiday spirits. Join us on a magical Christmas Journey with the Opposites cast to remind us of the joy of the holidays. As French Royalty presents a rendition of the classic Charles Dickens 1843.

  • Queen of Ratchet

    1 season

    Queen of Ratchet, is a collection of parodies.
    Fairytales and parodies with a ratchet twist!

    Social media:
    @queenoftheratchet INSTAGRAM AND TIKTOK
    @queenoftheratch on TWITTER

  • The Unanointed | Jante Production

    1 season

    The Unanointed Season I

    Demetrius Claiborne wants to be a normal person, fall in love, and live happily ever after. Unfortunately, he has been infected with VIC (a vampiric virus) that makes him emit pheromones to make people lust for him, and drive his sexual desires through the roof. He tries ...

  • The Enslaved | The Unanointed Universe


    The Enslaved

    In the beginning, there was the Jinn. Jinn was the magical beings that helped humans with their strife and woe. After centuries of war with groups such as humans and Yuri (humans that received magic from humans), Jinn decided to make a desperate move and create life with humans. Thi...

  • War Angel: The Awakening


    This is a story about a young African-American male overcoming many struggles, and many attempts of others that tried to take his life, while holding onto his faith, and struggling with his identity. He is given an opportunity that many do not get, and is faced with a decision that will not only ...

  • Julisa Who? | Animated Short


    "Julisa, Who?” is an animated comedy web series that follows title character Julisa as she tries (and fails) to live her best life. Whether she’s avoiding microaggressions at work or accidental threesomes at a coffee shop, Julisa’s inner dialogue rarely matches the unbothered demeanor she maintains.



    Written and Directed by Theron Madison

    "Have you and your lover ever had a nice relationship, everything was peaches and cream. Until, Y'all grew apart and started to miss your lover?

    This film tells a story about two lovers that lost their love. Shaye and Jean broke up few months ago and ...

  • Fly on the Wall


    Fly On The Wall

    Written by Adrien Cannon
    Directed by Adrien Cannon
    Produced by Adrien Cannon and Larry Person
    Director of Photography by Larry Person


    Taryn - Adrien Cannon
    Nina- Jayme Gonzales
    Jason - Jashon “Fresh” Powell
    Raquel (age 4) - Laila Person
    Raquel (age 12) ...

  • Goals | Short Film


    Written and Directed by Theron Madison

    "Two brothers playing basketball in the park turn into a lesson about personal goals and achievements."

    Starring Darren Cain and DeShawn Dais
    (this short film is not produced by

  • HOLIDAY - DeAndre Lemans (Official Music Video)

    HOLIDAY - DeAndre Lemans (Official Music Video)

    While distracting his lover with a seemingly innocent day out of the house, and an intimate and romantic stroll through the park, DeAndre is secretly making plans right under his nose. Plans that once revealed will ultimately surprise, shock, and ...

  • Damage Control | Mini Series

    1 season

    A young man follows in his father's footsteps and plays in the game of politics. Is he ready to win it all to be Mayor of Washington, DC?
    Let the Political Games Begin!!!

  • Whorizm
    4 seasons


    4 seasons

    The Synopsis:

    This dramatic series takes you through the journey of 4 male friends who uses sex as the navigation of life. Let's see how many long and twisty roads, hills and valleys, and dead ends they will encounter before they reach their destination. That's if they make it.

    Ultimately, you...

  • KXNG D.O.P.E.

    1 season

    Chaz Haymond is starting to enjoy being a self-made entrepreneur, model, actor, and rap artist in the streets of California. With all his newfound success, he now must juggle being Chaz, the popular guy, verse KXNG D.O.P.E. the "Celebrity"

  • Black Wrestling

    1 season

    Black Wrestling is a series of matches between known models and wrestlers. This content is produced by, and is being distributed on Watchactv to showcase these specific matches. If you want to see more, definitely check out This series contains 6 matches.

  • All About Mike | LA

    1 season

    All About Mike Season 2 showcases the life of Author, Producer, Host, and Radio/Podcaster Mike G. Riggins along with his industry friends. The series will give you a glimpse into his life while working as an entrepreneur, working a corporate career, and his romantic relationship as he makes the m...

  • #Willology | Season 3

    1 season

    Check out season 3 of Willology "Spring Break", produced by Liam King.

  • Willology | Season 4 | Study Abroad

    1 season

    A popular series produced by Liam King. There are 5 seasons.

  • Whorizm | Season 4

    1 season

    "Whorizm" is a gripping and thought-provoking dramatic series that delves deep into the lives of four male friends who navigate the complexities of existence through their intimate encounters. Embarking on a journey where sex becomes their compass, they traverse a path filled with unexpected twis...